The city of Rhodes is one of the high cities of the Realm of Alera. The city is ruled by the ruling High Lord and Lady Rhodes. As such, the city shares the colours of Sable and Gold.

The city is located in south-east of Alera and borders the Feverthorn jungle and the sea. The infamous Feverthorn jungle, once home to the Children of the Sun, separates its from its neighbour and often competitor Aquitaine, to the North. The city's inhabitants are known for their reddish-brown skin tone.

Rhodes has been razed to the ground 3 times by the Canim. The city and surrounding region also have the standard 3 legions at their disposal. As well as a formidable Fleet.

The House of RhodesEdit

As the seat lf the High House of Rhodes, the City and surrounding regions/teretories share the colours of the House of Rhodes: Sable and Gold.

The emblem of the House of Rhodes is a Hornet: "There, fiery gold hornet shapes of Rhodes fell to earth," Princep's Fury, the siege of Ceres.


"She drew in a sharp breath, identifying the flickering golden flame as the banner colors of the High Lord of Rhodes," Princep's Fury, the siege of Ceres.

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