Killian is a Cursor of the crown and an instructor in the Academy. In addition to teaching at the academy Killian is one of the primary instructors for other Cursors, teaching the arts of combat, and espionage to Tavi, Ehren, Max, and Gaella during the events of Academ's Fury. Killian is elderly during his time in the Codex, and has lost his eyesight to age.

Personality Edit

Killian is dedicated to his role as a Cursor, and takes the training of his pupils seriously. He is a devious teacher, encouraging his students to hide their true potential from others, even each other.

Appearance Edit

Killian has a small frame, wispy white hair, and wrinkled skin. He uses a cane to feel around and support himself as he moves about. But beneath his frail exterior Killian is tightly muscled, his aged appearance belying an experienced and dangerous fighter.

Furycraft Edit

Killian is an experienced windcrafter, able to use his crafting to sense movement in the air around him, effectively allowing him to 'see' despite his disability. Killian uses his windcraft to increase the speed of his movements, giving him enough speed to outmaneuver much younger, more athletic opponents.

Academ's Fury Edit

During Tavi's time at the Academy Killian instructs Tavi, Ehren, Max, and Gaella in the arts of espionage, preparing them to be Cursors of the crown. Killian advises Tavi when he hears of the First Lord's illness, and takes care of Sextus while Tavi deals with the crisis.

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