Gram is a Rivan count in Furies of Calderon, overseeing the fortress of Garrison and the Calderon Valley. After sustaining heavy injuries in the Second Battle of Calderon Gram was promoted by Gaius Sextus to a Lord, and moved down south to Ceres.

Furycrafting Edit

Gram is a retired legionnaire and is skilled enough to use rudimentary furycrafting of every type.

Firecrafting Edit

Gram is a powerful firecrafter, using his power to defend Garrison on several occasions from Alerans, Murat, and Vord alike.

Phyllis Edit

Gram is a strong enough firecrafter to manifest a fury - a small hummingbird named Phyllis. Phyllis is named after Gram's first wife, who was fiery, strong, and stubborn. Despite it's small size, Phyillis has shown considerable power, having flown directly through the body of an armored Vord Mantis without slowing.

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