Doroga Back view by riotorange

Doroga is the head of the gargant clan of the Marat. He is the father of Kitai. In the first book, Furies of Calderon, he saves Tavi from being killed and takes over the Marat to stop the assault on the Garrison. Doroga is also a skilled warrior. Doroga also has a special relationship with his Challa companion, a gargant named Walker.

Appearance Edit

As a Marat Doroga has fair skin and white silvery hair, which he wears in a long braid down his back. Even among the athletic builds of the Marat Doroga is a physical specimen. He is extremely muscular, with a barrel-like chest of corded sinew and gigantic arms strong enough to lift large boulders and hurl them with deadly force. Although he is fairly tall Doroga appears as stout simply because of the width of his chest and shoulders.

Personality Edit

Doroga is a cheery man, able to see the positive side even in difficult circumstances. Fiercely loyal to his friends and clansmen, Doroga proves his worth to many Marat and Alerans alike in both the Second and Third Battles of Calderon. Bernard notes that beneath his simple Aleran speech and brutish appearance Doroga is intelligent and honorable, a dependable ally and a source of wisdom and knowledge in many matters.

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