Bittan is Kord’s youngest and favorite son and brother to Aric. A firecrafter of some skill, Bittan does not have the control he should. His ability is such, however, that he is able to craft an effective fearcrafting. His fire fury takes the form of a serpent.

Furies of CalderonEdit

Bittan is accused of raping Warner’s daughter, Heddy, which brings him and his family to Bernardholt for trial. When he assaults the other holders, Isana nearly suffocates him with Rill, which causes him to hold a grudge. During the furystorm in which Tavi and Amara find shelter at the Princeps’ Memoriam, Bittan builds a fearcrafting at Bernardholt, preventing the other holders from giving their aid to the wounded and dying Bernard. He flees Bernardholt with his father and brother and ambushes Fade and Tavi at the Rillwater ford, where he is slain by Aldrick.

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